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Associated Press on SIX DEGREES (2008), “…stunningly visualizes the potential ecological impact of each degree increase in temperature.”

Denver Post, “…eye-opening television.”

Los Angeles Times calls SKIN (2002), “…slick, smooth, colorful and coated with a tantalizing layer of sweat.  It’s first-rate animation and micro-photography get under our skin!”
Detroit Free Press, “…a fascinating mix of science and cultural anthropology.  Excellent.”

Tom Shales of The Washington Post describes
D-DAY: The Soldiers' Story
, “...worth owning as well as seeing, a prime example of keepsake TV.

Led by executive producer and show runner Ron Bowman, New Pony Productions is a leading producer of unscripted alternative and documentary programming, developing and delivering scores of award-winning broadcast television specials and factual series, as well as commissioned, commercial, and museum media projects.

Some of New Pony's recent broadcast premieres include: MOMENT OF IMPACT [Nat Geo/Nature] a series that applies the latest camera technologies and CG animation to capture epic high-adrenaline wildlife moments; SIX DEGREES COULD CHANGE THE WORLD, a science-based Sci-Fi thriller on climate change and narrated by Alec Baldwin, was one of Nat Geo’s highest rated recent specials.  Three years in the making, COMET COLLISION! [Discovery] follows one of the most ambitious [and slightly insane] NASA missions ever, taking on a blazing comet streaking through the solar system and blasting a hole in its side to learn what’s inside. It was nominated for two Emmys. SKIN [Nat Geo], anticipating the tattoo craze, this innovative, verite’ film explored the body's canvas by which we navigate race, sex, custom and culture. It was nominated for three Emmy awards, including best documentary and best directing.

New Pony is known for its innovative, out-of-the-box style, finding great story and talent, and delivering the best in non-fiction entertainment.



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